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And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Most of us would probably roll our eyes at that, right?

Nowadays stories with complex plots, struggling characters and tragic endings are often highly praised. And yes, there are many great stories out there that have open and tragic endings. However as much as we love some angst, there is also something powerful in the simplicity of a fluff fic that often gets dismissed as being ‘Trashy Romance’.

Fluff brings happiness, even on a miserable, rainy day. It’s a genre that we get asked about the most here on Frerardhub and that’s because, though some of us may not admit it, we love a cute, slushy romance story. Fluff is a genre that is sought by many, for the romantic unison of our one true pairing encapsulated in an uplifting and heart-warming universe. What could be better in a story?

There is also another ingredient to add to the caldron that makes fluff all the more magical – and that is humor.

There is a reason why Jane Austen was and still is one of the most popular authors of all time, despite all her stories having predictably happy and conclusive endings, and that is because she used comedy.

Similarly, in bandom the classic, notable writers such as Bexless became so popular mainly for their wonderfully complex plots. But those authors also used humor, which made their work all the more popular.

In all, romance and comedy are two things made for each other.  

So calling all you hopeless romantics out there – it’s time for Cupid to prepare his love arrows as Frank and Gerard fall in love with each other over, and over again in all your stories, and live happily ever after! Because the great thing about fiction is that you can make that happen.

The sky’s the limit! But before you put your wings on and stock up on love arrows - there are some rules.

The Rules:

  1. Fics have to be at least 2000 words long– we’ve put the word count up this time as we’re looking for stories with more developed plots instead of one shots.
  2. It must be based around the fictional pairing of Frank Iero/Gerard Way - kind of obvious really.
  3. The challenge is called ‘Happily Ever After’ which means that your fic must have a happy and conclusive ending in which both Frank and Gerard end up together by the end. Other themes include; true love, fluff, romance and comedy/humor.
  4. This is a fluff challenge so no angst please.
  5. You have until the 27th of September to submit your fics (unless an extension is needed). Once the challenge is finished, you will no longer be able to submit your works to the challenge collection on ao3.
  6. You must submit your fics on our ao3 challenge collection Happily Ever After, this means that in order to do that you must have an ao3 account.
  7. If you would like to make fanart or mixes for the challenge you are welcome to do so, however these must be submitted to us through our blog either through our submissions page or send us a link to your work.
  8. You must rate all content correctly with the standard system of G, PG-13, R, NC-17.
  9. It is mandatory that you include any warnings in the tags, Though in this challenge, we are not expecting that the fics would need many warnings if any as the intention is that these are fluffy, uplifting fics.
  10. Please check through your writing carefully for any errors, we would ask you to write in the third person. If there are too many grammatical errors, the fic may be disregarded. If you are inexperienced in writing, we recommend that you find a beta.
  11. Once the challenge is closed voting will start.

Let’s make Aphrodite proud; we want as much work submitted to us as possible, so reblog this and inform anyone whom you think will be interested!

If you have any questions about the challenge you can go to our ask. We will make a tag for the challenge so people can keep up to date with the news. We will also make a PDF with the challenge rules so you can download the rules or print them off.

Get writing!

-the frerardhub team

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